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manuscript / naskah timun mas

Buat temen temen yang butuh naskah buat drama bahasa inggris :D

Timun mas

Once upon a time, in a small village on the foot of the montain, lived a poor farmer who had been married to his wife for more than ten years. Although they were poor, they always enjoyed life. Than only thing missing was a child. Being childless was almost unbearable for them since they loved children very much. However, they gave up hope.
On top of the mountain was a man-eating Giant who likes to prey on kids. The Giant heard about the couple who longed to have a baby and he came up with a mean plan.
Mother : Giant pleeaassee , we have married for more than 10 years, but there’s no child , we just wondering if you can help us to have a child, with your mistical power.
The Giant: “what would you sacrifice to have a child?”
The couple: “we would do anything”
The Giant : “even if i ask you to sacrifice something you really love?”
The wife: “oh, it doesn’t matter, really. We are really desperate to have a baby”
The Giant: “ok, then. Since you are a nice couple. I think it wouldn’t  hurt me to make your dream come true. I’ll give you some magic cucumber seeds. Grow them well and it is a harvest time, you will find a baby girl one of those cucumber.”
            The Giant started his mean plan.
The couple: “do you really mean it?”
The Giant: “of course. I can have and take carer baby but you must give her to me on her sevevteenth birthday. Is it deal?”
The couple: “ok. It’s a deal!”
            After giving the farmers some magic cucumber seeds, the Giant went back to the top of  the mountain. The farmer grew the seeds and took good care of the cucumber. One day, they found a baby girl  in one of biggest cucumbers. They named her Timun Mas. When timun mas born , their neighbours were mocking them since timun mas was born by splited cucumber.
Neighbour 1 : hey have you heard timun mas ?
Neighbour 2 : no I haven’t  , why ?
Neighbour 1 : you know she was born by a golden cucumber, do you believe it??
Neighbour 2 : really? That’s wierd. May be they are a kind of witch, black magic or may be they have stolen some one else child.
Mother : hey guys, what do you talk about ?
Neighbour 1 : oh hai , we just talk about the grown girl that people just talk about.
Neighbour 2 : have you heard it ? she just told me a few moment ago.
Mother : who ?? i have not heard it before.
Neighbour 2 : see , she also have not heard it, or may be you are laying , aren’t you ?
Neighbour 1 : no, this is a true story , i swear i have seen that girl.
Neighbour 2 : really ? then , just tell me the name of that girl.
Neighbour 1 :  the name is ....
Neighbour 2 : who ??
Mother : come on.
Neighbour 1 : hahaha , i will tell you guys. As long as i know her name is timun mas.
Mother : what it is the name of my doughter?
Neighbour 2 : are you sure? Did she born by golden cucumber?
Mother : No, she was the most beautiful give that god ever give to us
Neighbour 2 : sure? I know you lie. Come on tell us the truth..
Neighbour 1 : Yes, all people said that to me. You must be lie..
Mother : you hurt me. I will tell my husband.
Then, Mother go to her husband and tell what she just heard. And father became angry. So, he came to the neighbours and describe his upsetness.
Father : HEY god damn it, what are you looking at ?? you ef-ing people, go away or i’ll kill you !!
Nieghbour 1 : look at that criminal, he want to kill us.
Neighbour 2 : come on witch do you dear to ?! !
Timun mas : why you people say that kind of word to our family ? (cry)
Mother : don’t you worry about them dear. You are most beautiful, don’t be cry. Everything gonna be okay.
Timun mas : but mom, i can’t stand anymore..
Mother : lets move into silent place. We had to strugle.
            After that, timun mas and her family move into silent place.
.           As time went by, Timun Mas grew into not only a kind, beautiful and smart young lady, but also a green thumb-somebody who is outstanding at growing plants. She was almost 17 yeras old. It mean that her parents had to let Timun Mas be with The Giant soon. On her seventeenth birthday, her parents told Timun Mas about the deal they had with The Giant. Knowing that she would be separated from her parents, Timun Mas burst into tears.
Timun Mas: (cried)  “don’t let The Giant take and prey on me, Daddy.”
Father : “we won’t let anything bad happen to you, my dear. You must leave this house so The Giant will not find you. Bring these bags with you. When The Giant chases you, take the needle and the salt from the bags and throw them at The Giant.”
            Reluctantly Timun Mas left the house, bidding farewell to her parents. It was the only way to avoid the Giant. Not long after, The Giant came and asked where Timun Mas was.
The Giant : where is timun mas , i want to see her.
Father : “you won’t find Timun Mas. We won’t let you prey on her.”
            The Giant looked so confused by the farmer’s statment.
The Giant : “prey on your girl? What do you mean ? haven’t you heard the latest gossip about me?”
Father  : “yeah! You have turned into famous conglomerate. I never though of you as a bussinesman, Mr. Giant. Well done!”
The Giant : “thanks. But that’s not what I mean. You see, i am a vegetariant now. I don’t prey on kids anymore.”
Mother : “vegetarian? How come?”
The Giant: “i am an old Giant now. I’ve consumed meat for the whole of my life so many cholesterol ond blood pressure are quite high. I don’t want to have a heart attack. I must go on a diet and stop consuming meat.”
Father ; oh i see..then why are you still looking for my daughter?”
The Giant : “umm...actually...I ‘ve heard that Timun Mas is very good at growing stuff. If you don’t mind. I want her to give me some tips. Once I learn the ropes, I want to persue my dream and become a profesional farmer”
Mother : “oh, then you’d better hurry and find her. She left the house a few minutes ago. I’m sure she hasn’t got to far yet. But you must be carefully. You’ll find many obstacles while chasing her. She fully armed”
Father : “bring this axe to slash the thorny trees but don’t hurt her. Okay? Oh. And this life vest can help you swim”
The Giant : “don’t worry. I am living now”
            With his Giant steps, the Giant started to chase Timun Mas. It didn’t take a long time for the Giant to get her.
The Giant: “Timun Mas! Timun Mas! Wait !”
            But, The Giant scream mede Timun Mas afraid of him instead. She ran faster and faster. When The Giant was closer, she threw needles at The Giant. All of sudden, they turned into a thick forest with thorny trees. The Giant was ready to with his axe to cut down all of the trees that had hampered him to chase Timun Mas
            Timun Mas was so frightened. Soon she threw some salt at the Giant, which suddenly changed into a vast sea. The Giant put on the life jacket and swam acroos the sea. He was finally able to get Timun Mas whose adrenalin was pumped out of fear.
Timun Mas : “please, Mr. Giant have mercy of me. I’ll cook and clean your house...please don’t eat me”
The Giant: “don’t be afraid Timun Mas. I won’t prey on you”
Timun Mas : “really? B...but why..? My parents told me that..”
The Giant ; “ your parents are right. But i’ve changed now...”
Timun Mas was so relieved to know that The Giant had turned into a vegetarian and he wanted very much to learn about farming. Hand in hand, Timun Mas and The Giant grew fruits and vegetable in the Giant’s back yard. This callaboration resulted in a famous farm called ‘Giant Cucumber”. Together they made a lot of money from selling the fruits and vegetables they palnted, and since they were good of controlling their chas flow, they lived happily ever after.

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